About us

  • XXVI Cosmetics takes pride on being different. Our company is based on embracing uniqueness and breaking the barriers of what the beauty norms are. Our company puts forward positivity which is very much needed in todays' world. XXVI Cosmetics celebrates people! So you can feel that inner love, confidence and happiness, these products are made specifically for you. Have fun with it, enjoy, and most importantly BE YOU !



Are your products animal friendly ?

YES ! none of our products have been or will ever be tested on animals. Our products are cruelty free!

Are the products vegan? 

Yes most of our products are vegan (with the exception of some products that contain beeswax or lanolin).

Where are your products made ?

Our products are made in Canada.

How can I rate and/or review products ?

You can email us your review at xxvicosmetics26@gmail.com and we will post the review on our "About us" page. We care about our customers and their honest opinions about our products to further grow our brand. (if you would like to be anonymous please specify).

Do you have an instagram page ?

Yes we do and we also have a facebook page as well. You can have a more in depth look at our products and get instant notifications on sales and discounts codes!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xxvicosmetics/

Facebook: @xxvicosmetics 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes we do! We now ship internationally (custom fees may apply, customers are responsible). For further information please contact us at xxvicosmetics26@gmail.com.

Product Reviews

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